My 30 Day Money Back Gurantee
If after 30 Days you aren't happy with this investment, I'll refund you the entire amount no questions asked. That's how much I KNOW you will like it! Hey since 2005 my companys refund rate with my merchant has been 0.34% out of 100,000+ transactions.  


HOW to Create & Grow Subscription Continuity Quickly Online


PREMIUM Email Lists
WHY You MUST Have a PAID Email List

  • Amazon, Costco and Netflix do this daily. And the GOOD news is that they are training elements of your audience to psychologically to join PAID lists.
  • Learn how to Earn by strengthening your position from just a "free" email prospect list to a highly targeted developed PREMIUM list.
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PAID Podcasts
Why You MUST Monetize Your Podcast

  • Say GOODBYE "poverty podcasting" and start earning money from both your podcast while enhancing their value both publicly and privately.
  • The Paid iTunes is WRONG: I show you a much more lucrative model to use instead of the ridiculous "sell on i "loony" Tunes model you are used to seeing promoted in your marketplace.
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Micro Video Trainings
WHY You MUST have a NETFLIX Model

  • Develop a Simple Pre Recorded NETFLIX Model without losing your mind trying to "over deliver" using this model. How to Create THE SIMPLEST method for delivering video content. That people have already been sold on buying.
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Resource Lists
Why you MUST have a "Angie's List" Model
NOTE this ERASES 100% of any Competition

  • We are in the Recommendation Age and it is LESS about affiliate marketing and MORE about TRUST. In this Module I am going to teach you how you can use resource list subscription to build a buyers list.
  • A Resource List Subscription Model empowers you to give a impassioned opinion and support the decisions of your audience. But also it helps you build a buyers list that is based on the GOOD solid opinions they can TRUST. Because the money you earn is based on your subscribers not the recommendations aka affiliate marketing.
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Micro LIVE Video Trainings
WHY You MUST have a LIVE Video Training

  • I showed my mentor Frank Kern this insider elite    7 Figure Strategy that he just implemented.
  • You are going to learn how to quickly setup LIVE sessions each month while providing archived training's.
  • Plus the ONE singular strategy you MUST use to make this work repeatedly
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1. KEEPING Your Subscribers with Confidence

HOW to KEEP Your Subscribers from Unsubscribing
Hey every month there is a
sophisticated battle happening across the world. People are looking at your memberships and asking you one KEY question.

Is YOUR monthly fee WORTH the price?

The goal is to answer that question with a resounding YES without you losing your mind in delivering value.

I show you HOW to make it psychologically PAINFUL for people to leave your subscription models.

$497 Bonus


2. GROWING Your Subscribers with Confidence

Learn how to GROW your subscription following monthly with organic traffic. While exclusively positioning your subscription model to be a benefit to potential subscribers.

$1297 Bonus


3. Watch Me Build Subscriptions LIVE

I am actually building subscriptions as you read this. I am actually going to take a few examples of me starting and growing subscription models LIVE. So you get to see me actually BUILD them in front of your very eyes.

1. See REAL LIVE examples from start to growth
2. See my REAL LIFE Successes and Failures
3. Increase your chances of success by TEN FOLD

$197 Bonus


4. Sophisitcated Subscription Selling
(Coming Fall 2016)

10 Year Subscription Sales Hacks...
I am adding this later this fall. these are advanced sales hacks I use to grow subscription signups weekly / monthly.

1. Automation Hacks
2. OPEN / CLOSE Strategies that work
3. Adding Bonuses for Higher Conversions


$197 Bonus